Policies & Procedures

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The Business-to-Business Network (“B2BN”) is a serious-minded group of B2B professionals, committed to growing each other’s businesses through referrals. Membership consists of Schaumburg Business Association (“SBA”) members representing non-competing businesses and organizations within the group. The B2BN is administered by an Executive Board of its members.



1. To be eligible for membership in the B2BN, a member must:

  1. be a member in good standing with the SBA;
  2. belong to only one SBA networking group (companies, not individuals, may belong to more than one group);
  3. not be in competition with any other member in the B2BN;
  4. be in a position to provide other B2BN group members with legitimate, pre-qualified referrals (ideal applicants being business owners, trusted advisors, or professionals with a minimum of two (2) years experience in their current position);
  5. operate primarily B2B; while business-to-consumer (B2C) members can be accepted at the discretion of the Executive Board, the focus of the group is B2B;

2. Applicants may attend one (1) B2BN weekly meeting as a visitor to determine if the group is a good fit. If the applicant decides to proceed, they will submit a membership application and schedule a date to present a “Pre-Membership Craft Talk” to the group.

3. Applications for membership are submitted to the Executive Board for membership consideration. The Executive Board may approve and/or deny membership to an applicant based on membership eligibility requirements.

4. Any existing member may object to an applicant based on membership eligibility requirements. If an applicant wishes to respond to the objection asserted by any member, the applicant may submit a written statement of response to the Executive Board.

5. If an applicant is denied membership, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list maintained by the Membership Director. The waiting list is periodically reviewed by the Executive Board.

6. All new members are placed on a three (3) month trial period. The following items are reviewed by the Executive Board during the trial period: payment of fees, craft talks, membership competition, attendance, number of referrals/introductions given, and commitment to the group.

7. Members are expected to furnish valid business referrals on a continuing basis to other members. In order to accomplish this, members are expected to meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. one (1) monthly face-to-face meeting with another B2BN member outside the weekly meeting;
  2. two (2) conversations per month on behalf of another B2BN member for an introduction;
  3. two (2) conversations per month with prospective members about the B2BN, when needed to satisfy the group’s membership requirements;

8. Members, or their alternates, are expected to attend all weekly meetings. An alternate can be anyone designated by the member to attend the weekly meeting in their place and does not need to be an employee of the member’s company. Members may miss a total of 12 meetings during the calendar year.

9. Members are expected to present a “craft talk” about their businesses to help other members learn more about them, their companies/organizations, and possible ways to provide referrals. The weekly craft talk presenter will be the group’s focus for introductions that week.

10. There is an annual membership fee of $200, which is to be paid quarterly in 4 equal installments. Fee invoices are due upon receipt. Members are expected to pay all fees in a timely manner. Delinquent payments will forfeit the member’s right to attend meetings.

11. Members may request and be granted a leave of absence from the group provided that there is no other competing industry member interested in joining the group. Any group member requesting a leave of absence will be responsible for all fees and dues during the leave of absence. No leave of absence shall exceed three (3) months.

12. If any B2BN member wishes to expand his or her services after initial group acceptance, he or she must reapply for membership.



1. The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Director.

2. The President presides over all meetings and coordinates the functions of the group and the Executive Board. The President is also responsible for documenting changes to the B2BN Policies as indicated in Article IX.

3. The Vice-President assists the President in the performance of Executive Board’s duties. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President presides at meetings of the group and the Executive Board.

4. The Secretary is responsible for recording member attendance, conversations, introductions given and received, referrals closed, and amounts invoiced; which statistics are to be presented weekly to the group. The Secretary records minutes of the Executive Board meetings and weekly group meetings, and maintains the weekly meeting slides.

5. The Treasurer is responsible for issuing invoices for membership fees, collecting fees, accounting for all payments of fees and dues by all members, accounting of funds received, and for expenses paid.

6. The Membership Director is responsible for administering the recruitment of members for the B2BN. The Membership Director shall provide an application and other information to SBA members interested in the group. The Membership Director shall be responsible for the collection of all completed applications for membership, transmitting the completed applications to the Executive Board, and scheduling Pre-Membership Craft Talks. The Membership Director shall be responsible for keeping a complete and accurate roster of all B2BN member companies with all relevant contact information. The Membership Director will provide the SBA with a current roster of members at least monthly.

7. Election of Executive Board Members. The Executive Board shall be elected at the first meeting in January of each year. Each member may nominate up to three (3) members for election to each Executive Board position on an annual basis. The member receiving the most nominations for each position shall be elected to the Executive Board in the capacity for which he or she is nominated. The member receiving the next most nominations for each position shall be elected to the Executive Board in the event that the first nominee declines the invitation to serve. The above process shall be followed until each position is filled. The existing Executive Board shall select three members as a ballot committee to tally the nominations. The submission list is given to the President who announces the Executive Board for the upcoming year.

8. The new Executive Board may create ad-hoc committees, in addition to the membership, social, education, publicity and program committees identified herein below, and may appoint committee chair persons from the general membership.

9. The Executive Board will meet, at a minimum, every quarter. Executive board meetings will address group health and progress toward yearly goals, membership health, group size, member participation and approval/denial of trial members.



1. Member grievances should be submitted in writing to the Executive Board for consideration. Member grievances shall be discussed among the Executive Board members at the appropriate formal or informal meeting. If appropriate, the Executive Board will present the grievance to the membership for input and discussion. All decisions of the Executive Board as to any member grievance shall be final and binding.



1. The Executive Board reserves the right to terminate any membership with or without cause.

2. When a member is failing to meet the minimum contributions outlined in Article I, the Executive Board will contact that member to provide a warning and determine if the member wishes to

remain in the group. If the member decides to remain in the group and still does not meet expected minimums, the membership will be terminated.



1. The Program Committee is responsible for arranging the weekly programs to be presented at the meetings, including, without limitation, craft talks and organizing other activities as directed by the Executive Board. The Program Committee shall establish a Program calendar, and provide the calendar to the Secretary to be included in the weekly meetings. Members of the group shall schedule dates and times to provide craft talks by contacting the Program Committee.



1. The Educational Committee is responsible for administering the provision of networking educational materials at each B2BN meeting. It shall be the goal of the Educational Committee to provide meaningful networking education to the B2BN members to facilitate the referral of legitimate business opportunities by and between the B2BN members.



1. The Social Committee is responsible for promoting and developing a schedule of social events to be attended by B2BN members on a voluntary basis for the purpose of fostering meaningful relationships between the B2BN members. It shall be the goal of the Social Committee to arrange for B2BN social events outside the regular meetings on at least a quarterly basis. The Social Committee shall be permitted to request the Treasurer of the Executive Board to fund, in whole or in part, social events proposed by the Social Committee.



1. The Publicity Committee is responsible for promoting the B2BN. The Publicity Committee shall be responsible for developing and maintaining a website and social media presence for the B2BN. The Publicity Committee shall act as a liaison with the SBA, and provide current and relevant information for publication by the SBA related to the conduct, activities and accomplishments of the B2BN, including without limitation, the announcement of new members to the B2BN, B2BN membership drive events, summaries of B2BN social events, and summaries of B2BN statistics for referrals given, referrals received, and amounts invoiced based upon referrals transacted.



1. These Policies and Procedures may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Board. A summary of amendments will follow.

2. Summary of amendments, date, and voting Executive Board Members: