About Us

This is the story of B2BN. Pull up a chair. It's going to get interesting.

B2BN is a non-competitive referral group in the Schaumburg Business Association, and all of our members serve clients in the B2B world. Rather than focusing only on “building relationships” and hoping for referrals, we believe 3 factors are necessary to proactively and consistently generate referrals:

  1. Conviction – We need to have conviction in our fellow members and in the value that they provide. Without that belief, any introductions we make will be half-hearted and ultimately not lead to new business.
  2. Planning – Without goals and a plan to achieve them, members are just showing up and hoping things happen. We have clearly defined goals, a plan for how to reach them that we measure and track, and expectations of each of our members to contribute.
  3. Improvement – We focus on the quality of referral introductions, not just quantity. If lots of introductions are being made but few are converting to business, then we need to do something different. We are committed to making the highest-quality introductions possible for our fellow members – not just passing on your business card and calling that a referral.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help each of our members grow their business through outside referrals – not just selling to each other or relying on a few key members to provide referrals that everyone else gets to “pile onto.”

B2BN is definitely not for everybody. All of our members are serious about referrals – so if you are too then come check us out!

Interested? Get in touch with us!